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Cereal Bowl

Studio Pots

Here you'll find work that is produced in my Upstate New York studio. My pots are thrown, hand built, or the two processes are combined (depending on what kind of pot it is.). I work in both porcelain and earthenware. My pots are functional and made to be used everyday. The selection available here is assorted, from one-off pieces to pots made in a regular work cycle. When you buy a piece from me you are also buying part of the process of making. I am constantly evolving as a potter and my work will reflect that. 

Cereal Bowl

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Cereal Bowl


This cereal bowl will add a new dimension to your breakfast experience. There is loads of depth in the surface as the glazes coalesced during the firing. The top 2/3 is coated with a black slip at the dry stage of making, and leaves a substantial foundation to draw through and cover with glaze. Made from thrown porcelain, slip, and glaze, this bowl stands 5" tall and holds a healthy amount of your favorite breakfast cereal. It's also great for mixing eggs! Microwave and dishwasher safe (but you should hand wash it, get to know it.)

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