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347 Loudon Road
Albany, NY, 12211
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1. What is mug made of? How was it made?
 -These mugs are made from porcelain clay and fired to 2175˚ F. They are slipcast and then finished on the wheel. Once they stiffen up a bit the handles are added and I scraffito the lines into the surface. Black glaze is brushed over the lines, the excess is wiped off and the mugs are fired to a low, bisque temperature. Then they are glazed, fired again, and I apply the decals. Another firing follows and when the mugs are unloaded they are checked for any undesirable issues, the foot is sanded, and they get wrapped up and sent off.

2. Can I put my mug in the dishwasher?

3. Can I put my mug in the microwave?

4. Why?
 - 'cause those fancy gold decals are actual gold and they will spark when you nuke 'em.

5. How much liquid does the mug hold?
 -about 16 oz. It is a large mug.

6. Why are there no mugs in the shop whenever I go to check?
 -Because they sell out so fast. I make as many as I can each month, and it becomes something of a race once Marc announces their release on WTF. 

7. Can I pre-order? Or is there some sort of list that I can get on?
 -I've been playing around with pre-orders this year, and I will offer them once the holiday season passes by. There is no list to order, but I do offer the opportunity to sign up for my newsletter. It comes out infrequently (as of November 2015), but I am devising ways to get people their mugs without overwhelming my ability to make them.


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