ep.#39 Jen Allen

Jen Allen has been a very visible potter on the national scene for the past several years. I met her last year at the Utilitarian Clay Conference at Arrowmont, which was right after my daughter was born and a few months before Jen had her first child. This is a “new parent heavy” episode, and rightly so. The world that Jen and I live in, and try to make work in, has been so fundamentally changed that we can’t but help to talk about how much things have changed. None of this is new to people who have children who are grown or are older than toddler age. But it is to us, and when we sat down the natural inclination was to check in with each other (and ourselves). We talk about what success means for us now, how to go about improving work with so much else on our plates, and keeping up momentum. Great talk! Enjoy!

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  1. judi tavill says:

    Great chat. Love all of the baby stuff… it feels like yesterday as well as so long ago(13/17) and you guys are both right… there is no way to describe a lot of it but seriously… TRY to enjoy it… it REALLY does end and that is both the good and the bad(?) and the issues and worry systems remain but now they are just…different. Keep making work…regardless, in the small bits of time that you have.

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