It’s the re-vamped website!

Thanks to Kelly Curtis for updating my portfolio pages and setting up this new home page. I’ve now got access to update this site more fequently and share images, ideas, and random mish-mash.

I have been busy the first 5 months of 2011. In February I participated in the American Craft Council’s Baltimore show. It was the best show that I’ve had to date, and I’m about to ship out the first of my wholesale orders. My show with Kelly Neidig at Guardino Gallery is coming down on Tuesday, May 24th. If you are in the Portland, OR area check it out. The work that Kelly and I make has a lot of similarities and looks strong together.

Still not feeling like I had enough on my plate, I have finished a small body of new work. Based on letters, these forms (Alembics) are functional plates that rest in wooden forms. Bridging drawing, sculpture, and functionality I feel that this work fits well into the large net of “contemporary craft.” It’s taken me a while (4 years!) to get the work in a place where I feel it can and should be shown publicly. Check out the videos!